Gardener's Forum Indian Fusion Evening

As you will have seen from the 2018 programme the theme for this year’s supper is Indian Fusion and this will take the form of a ‘bring and share’ supper at the Forman Hall on Saturday 24th February at 7.00 p.m. for 7.30 p.m.  

As the term Indian Fusion may cause some confusion we have, as usual, drawn up a list of dishes for the evening which is shown below.  All the recipes can be found below.

We would like everyone to bring one dish per person the quantities required are shown below.  Please either download or print the relevant recipes and let me know as soon as possible which dishes you are preparing as once they are allocated the recipes will be removed from the website to avoid duplication.  The aim of the evening is to have a wide variety of dishes for us all to try.  If you have any queries about the recipes, please contact me (880653) or Alan (880250) and we will do our best to help.  Tesco’s in Galashiels have a wide range of Indian ingredients.


Dish                                                                   Quantity              Comments


Crunchy Split Peas                                         2 x recipe            To be served with drinks

Samosas                                                        1 x recipe

Bite Sized Bajees                                           2 x recipe

Pan Fried Potato Cakes                                 2 x recipe

Kerala Tomato Soup                                      2 x recipe

Balti Chicken in a Creamy Lemon Sauce      2 x recipe

Madras Beef Curry                                         2 x recipe

Madhur’s Chicken Tikka Masala                    2 x recipe

Rogan Josh Shepherd’s Pie                          1 x recipe

Goan Style Hot and Sour Pork (Vindaloo)    2 x recipe

Spicy Sweetcorn Curry                                  2 x recipe

Masala Channa                                             2 x recipe

Bombay Potato                                             2 x recipe

Kobi Gaajer                                                   2 x recipe

Cauliflower Rangeen                                     2 x recipe

Aloo Chat                                                       2 x recipe

Plain Boiled Rice                                           1 x recipe

Simply Buttery Rice with Onion                    1 x recipe

Aromatic Yellow Rice                                    1 x recipe

Pewshawari Naan                                          2 x recipe            Can be purchased

Tomato, Onion & Green Coriander Relish     2 x recipe

Mango Chutney                                              1 x recipe            Can be purchased

Aromatic Fruit Salad                                       2 x recipe            Use whatever fruit is available

Spiced Banana Tarte Tatin                           2 x recipe

Asian Toffee Rice Pudding                            2 x recipe

Bread & butter Pudding with

Cardamom & Lime Custard                           2 x recipe

Cashewnut Balls                                            2 x recipe            To be served with coffee

If you are not a cook but wish to attend then the naan bread, mango chutney and poppadoms can all be purchased. 

As usual the cost is £3.50 per head to cover the cost of the Hall hire and it is a bring your own drink function.  The entertainment for the evening will be a fun quiz.   Please let me know by the 20th February whether or not you will be attending.

We shall not be organising a trip to BOG Potato Day this year.  However, if you wish to purchase your seed potatoes it will be held on Sunday 4th March at the Showground in Kelso, opening at 11.00 a.m